Welcome to the official website of Communist Slumber Party. Formed on January 17, 2009, we are one of the last original guilds on Borean Tundra(US). As a casual/social PvE/PvP guild we strive to bring our members the most fun and crazy of memories. If you're looking to make some friends, kill some Alliance, raid some lewt, or engage in various shenanigans, check us out! The Borean Times has rated us the most popular guild of 2010, 2013, 2014, AND 2015. Did we mention every member receives free Oreos?
Guild Master: Sarannah
Officers: Vaellin, Dare, Saranthia, Rare, Shadowlane



January 17, 2015

Communist Slumber Party and our home, Borean Tundra, just turned 5. It has been a long crazy journey but we stand today as amazing as ever. Looking forward to many more years of CSP. Here is a picture from CSP's darkest days. Our original GM, Serif, abandoned us and left us for dead. Most guilds die when their GM abandons. But one little hunter would save the day. Dare, the hunter, messaged a game master about the issue and was able to have guild master passed to her. And then hilarity ensued. Thanks Dare for saving CSP!
P.S. <3 to shadowsong